Meet Britto,
A New Coin & The First Digital Pound in The Crypto World

We are an European incorporated company with 20 years of experience in the banking industry, and we are going to take digital financing onto the next level.

Our word is Our bond!

Fulfilling our promises is the greatest proof.

Our roadmap presents our progress, since we lunched our Britto coins pre-sale.

It is only matter of days before every progression steps to be taken, as promised, and there are many more surprises and features on the way.

Virtual Money Licenses in Europe

Feel safe in the knowledge that our activities fall under the scope of EU legislation. Britto is trade name of Finast S.R.O, Karpatske namestie 7770/10A Mestska Cast Raca , Bratislava, 831 06 Slovakia. Virtual Currency Exchange & Wallet Services License no: 110-299059 dated 11.08.2021.

European Union
Registered MSB in North America

Finast S.R.O. is registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) under registration number M21890530 with the Canadian Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC), which is the financial intelligence unit of the Government of Canada. You can find Finast S.R.O. listed on the Canada Fintrac.

Canada Fintrac
Britto Financial Services

is an authorised agent of Finast S.R.O, based in London which is the most prestigious, respected and trusted financial capital in the world. We utilise every possible financial tool to offer our selected members the very best services.

Money Exchange Bureau
Crypto Asset License
Crypto Exchange Platform
Bank vs EMI

EMIs are often described as the best alternative to a bank.

- Banks pay interest on balances
- Banks lend out and earn interest on the money they hold.
- Although Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection does not apply to EMIs, we are offering Safeguarding which segregates our clients’ funds from our operating capital

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Ann B. Bryant
E-wallet & Multi-Currency Account
Latest Blockchain forensic, AI and security tech to lockdown keep our selected clients’ assets safe and secure.
Offering safeguarding to separate our clients money from our operational fund.
Multi-currency e-wallet which can be used for deposits and withdrawals with more than 50 currencies.
VISA and Mastercard which you could spend, tap or swipe worldwide like when you are local, with real time, very low exchange rate.
Withdraw cash from over 2.3 million ATMs around the world.
Convert your money in seconds.
Send money to more than 70 countries with very low and transparent fees directly to bank accounts or to persons.
Set up direct debits, pay your bills and subscriptions across currencies with a few clicks.
Implemented with SWIFT and SEPA you could receive your salary, invoices payments and pensions in any currency into one account like local.
Pay over various online platforms and storefront with any currencies (PayPal, amazon, etc.)
Our clients’ satisfaction and safety is our priority

Boundaries and borders are meaningless to Britto’s team. We are aware of your requirements and respect your needs; that’s why we designed and created a new and unique digital financing facility to welcome our selected members to the new era and provide them with advanced, bespoke financial services.

100% clarity in regard to fees and transactions.
Platinum Services
Our selected members deserve the best and we respect their trust and business with us, so we pamper them with luxury and platinum services.
Biometric authentication, Blockchain, up-to-date technology & AI, Safeguarding and SAFU.
Highly Competitive Fees
We pledge to offer the lowest fees possible with no hidden charges.
Be prepared for a major transition in financing
Britto is going to transform everything from payments transactions to how money is raised in the private market
As an established decentralized ledger for payments Britto blockchain technology will facilitate faster payments at lower fees than banks.
Account balance and deposit
Britto is ultimately a ledger that represents accounting entries. Therefore, e-wallets will be represented on blockchains making them more secure, accessible and cheaper to maintain
Clearance and Settlement Systems
Britto will reduce operational costs and bring us closer to real-time transactions between financial institutions.
Remittance overseas is a difficult undertaking. The fees are high, the processing time is slow, the money can be intercepted or stolen, and there are legal issues that must be considered. Britto will eliminate these problems for its selected members
Britto is experimenting with a new model of financing that unbundles access to capital from traditional capital-raising services and firms.
By tokenizing traditional securities such as stocks, bonds, and alternative assets — and placing them on public blockchains. Britto will create more efficient, interoperable capital markets.
Raising Capital
Britto coin enables Start ups and innovative companies to raise capital more easily and conveniently than old traditional methods.
Trade Finance
By replacing the cumbersome, paper-heavy bills of lading process in the trade finance industry, Britto will create more transparency, security, and trust among trade parties globally.
Customer KYC and Fraud Prevention
By storing customer information on decentralized blocks and using the latest AI forensics Britto move the security measures in the financial industry to the next level.
Britto Coin
We have released BRT so that every loyal user of the Britto platform could get the most out of our services, participate in making decisions about the future development of the Britto platform, and also receive a portion of Britto benefits.
Discounts for Britto partners
Discounts for any Britto services
Reduction of any commissions
Raising capital for start ups and innovative companies
Obtaining different user statuses
Britto coin features
Reduction of any commissions in the Britto ecosystem if a certain number of BRT coins are locked on the user's account. Customers who frequently use the platform to perform various financial transactions will be interested in receiving BRT tokens and storing them in their accounts.
Obtain Silver, Gold or Platinum user status depending on the number of Britto coins stored in the account.
The user can pay for any Britto services with Britto coins, which will generate a discount in these payments.
Exclusive discount can be obtained for users when paying for goods and services of Britto partners, by using Britto coins.
Britto coins can be used as security when taking out loans in stablecoins or fiat.
Britto Coin Superiority
Staking coins entitles you to receive user privileges on the Britto platform in the form of Silver, Gold and Platinum account status in accordance with the number of coins in staking.
Users can stake BRT coins with at least 8% APY.
Britto coin enables start ups and innovative companies to raise capital more easily and conveniently than old traditional methods.
BRT Coin
Britto crypto exchange platform supremacy
Good things never come to you if you never ask
Britto platform is among the top 10 main players in the market, provides clients with ultimate control and confidence via platinum services.
Architecture User friendly interface
Superior & Reliable
Latest AI, Blockchain forensics and technology to lock our exchange and keep it 100% safe for our clients
Biometric authentication, Interactive identity verification (KYC system)
Strong 2FA authentication with PIN codes
Register, deposit, withdraw only with a few clicks
Trade any crypto on the market
Professional trading section (Launchpad, Margin, saving, etc.)
Secure Blockchain wallet
SAFU Secure Asset Fund for Users
Deposit & withdraw direct from payment cards and bank accounts
Britto payment gateway plus Integration with top 15 PSP companies (Paypal , Neteller, Skrill, B2BinPay, AliPay, Qiwi, etc.)
Britto Crypto ATM network
Multiple language
Mobile IOS and android apps
Live chat & customer support
Britto Coin
Quality precedes quantity in Britto; that’s why there are a limited number of selected clients whom we will be honored to serve.
Select the amount of BRT
Select currency for purchase
Tokenomics coin distribution
50% of all coins will be burned
  • Private Sale BRT coins21 000 000
  • Team BRT coins105 000 000
  • Start liquidity BRT coins21 000 000
  • Reserve BRT coins210 000 000
  • Rewards BRT coins84 000 000
BRT coins for burning210 000 000
BRT Total Supply
Revolutionizing Burning Strategy
250 million coin burning strategy will benefit our selected members.
We made the burning mechanism as simple as possible. Just send the tokens for burning from the base pool to the dead-end address. If there are not enough tokens for burning in the base pool, the company can buy them out of the market at the expense of a part of the profit received from operating activities, send them to the base pool and then to the dead-end address by voting within the Governance smart-contract. Ultimately, half of the tokens will remain, and this should significantly increase the demand and reduce the circulating supply of BRT tokens.
European Payment and e-money regulations dictate that most payment or e-money licence holders must segregate “relevant funds” and not incorporate them into their own working capital. This is typically achieved through a client segregated or safeguarding bank account with any EEA credit institution. Such accounts cannot be accessed by third parties and are separate from the current account belonging to the company to whom the funds are transferred. The bank must have no right to “set-off” any owed funds from this account. Britto will use safeguarding to separate client money from operational funds and to block the access to this money by third parties. Under the safeguarding obligations there are certain requirements that we must meet:
Funds must be safeguarded from the time they are received
Funds must be segregated from the money of the actual business
Funds must be placed in separate, specifically designated safeguarding accounts at a credit institution
Proper procedures and processes need to be put in place to show how the money is being safeguarded in accordance with requirements, including accurate records documenting the customers balances being held within the safeguarding accounts
Fundraising: Britto is experimenting with a new model of financing that unbundles access to capital from traditional capital-raising services and firms.
Plans need to be put in place for how customers will access the money in the event the firm is to become insolvent. At Britto’principal funds are safeguarded in real-time. As soon as any funds are received into our principle accounts, we make an equivalent transaction moving the money into designated safeguarding accounts that are held with our principal’s clearing bank. Given the nature of our accounts, this is done automatically as soon as the money is received. Equally, when customers make payments from any accounts held with us, we automatically reduce the balances held in our principal’s safeguarding accounts in order to make the outbound payment. Records are kept of the underlying customer balances both by us, and also our safeguarding account provider, so there is a real-time and accurate record of the funds customers hold with us. The actual movement of money is monitored throughout the day by our Finance and Treasury teams. This is then fully reconciled to ensure the balances in the safeguarding accounts match the balances we are holding for customers.
Britto's security
Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies have been rapidly evolving in recent years, framing a completely new financial market powered by decentralisation. Numerous types of Blockchain networks, consensus algorithms and platforms were tested before the financial community showed the way to use cryptocurrency payments for routine transactions.
Britto uses the latest in AI, Blockchain forensics, and security technology to lock down its exchange and keep it safe for users. Obviously, a big part of keeping an exchange secure is not only maintaining security technology up to date but also having an on-point support staff. Britto, thankfully, has both.
Safe and secure
Private Key Recovery function
Instant transactions and confirmations
Seamless currency conversion
NFC and QR codes support
Multi Decentralized Blockchain Security
iOS, Android, Web platforms support
KYC protocol
Merchant apps
Dynamic Biometrics Authentication
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Multi signature transactions
Multi Decentralized Private Blockchains Network
Britto’s Customer Service
We have also made sure to not leave behind our less technically-minded customers who need most help and support with their finances and may rely on human interaction and the comfort of the personal touch so, as well as our UK-based call centre, we have designed specialist video calling and face to face appointments.

In Britto we believe our clients deserve the best digital enablement and platinum digital financing services which augment the British human-delivered customer service.

This is very special and unique in digital financing and the crypto world which will be only offered to our selected clients.
Britto’s Customer Service Support
Strategies include
Understanding our customers' needs and wants
Treating our customers respectfully and fairly
Acting on promises made to our customer
Handling complaints and returns gracefully
Exceeding our customers’ expectations
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